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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Private Sector Needs to do More to Improve Government Governance

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David Nummy of Grant Thornton and the Conference Co-Char for the 22nd ICGFM Conference, heralded the success of the event. Mr. Nummy summed up the themes for the first part of the conference. The theme for the conference was governance with an emphasis on the role of citizens and civil society, public officials, the private sector and the press. He asked the delegates about which of these groups has had the greatest impact on governance in their countries. The voting results were:

  • 46% Citizens and Civil Society
  • 33% Public Officials
  • 0% Private Sector
  • 21% The Press

Mr. Nummy suggested that the low score for the private sector may have been because the delegates were mostly from the public sector. Many of the conference speakers discussed how the private sector can take a larger role to reduce corruption.

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