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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks Used Differently with Different Affects

Surveys at the ICGFM Winter Conference shows that Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEF) are used differently in countries and with varying affects.

Survey: If your country has an MTEF, do the forecasts for years 2 and 3 have any legal significance?
  1. Yes: 17%
  2. No: 61%
  3. Indicative significance only: 26%

Survey: What was the major expected benefit of the MTEF in your country?

  1. Linking policy goals and budget allocations: 50%
  2. Overcoming the problem of year end lapsing of budget appropriations: 8%
  3. Medium term planning: 42%

Survey: To what extent has MTEF reforms achieve expected benefits?

  1. Benefits mainly achieved: 14%
  2. Benefits partly achieved: 55%
  3. Very little realization of benefits: 34%

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