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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Participants Agree that ICGFM Winter Conference was Useful and Aided in Professional Development

Surveys from participants at the ICGFM Winter Conference in Washington have been compiled. Participants agreed that the Conference was useful and aided professional development:

  • This conference provided me with useful information: 100% (agree or strongly agree)
  • This conference contributed to my professional development: 100% (agree or strongly agree)
  • Overall, the speakers presented their material effectively: 95% (agree or strongly agree)
Participants were asked to select the most effective presentations and sessions based on usefulness, applicability for current professional development, applicability for future professional development and interest. All sessions were rated highly. The sessions with the highest ratings were:

Participants requested workshop sessions earlier in the schedule and more interaction with presenters.  Thirteen participants volunteered to present at future ICGFM conferences.

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