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Monday, December 1, 2008

Public Financial Management Experts Agree that PEFA Assessments are Useful for PFM Reform

A survey at the December ICGFM Conference in Washington shows that Public Expenditure Framework Assessment (PEFA) is an effective tool for reform. The practitioners found that PEFA is useful for both external and internal assessments.

How important is the PEFA tool in preparing a PFM Reform Plan?

  1. Not at all: 5%
  2. Not important: 0%
  3. Neutral: 15%
  4. Important: 56%
  5. Very important: 27%

How useful is the PEFA tool as a self assessment tool?

  1. Not at all: 0%
  2. Not useful: 3%
  3. Neutral: 13%
  4. Useful: 63%
  5. Very useful: 23%

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