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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Working with Communities improves Development Results

"Accountants and auditors" are my friends, according to Dr. Julius Coles, the President of Africare. Accountants and auditors present at the January ICGFM DC forum were delighted to hear how strong financial management and accountability can improve development results.

Nelson Mandela regards " Africare as one of America's greatest gifts to Africa. Your work, in every corner of our great continent, has sustained our own commitment to building a strong and free Africa."

Dr. Coles described the growth of Africare from 1971 when the organization received a $17,000 grant from Eli Lilly to today, with a $50 to $60 Million annual budget. The success of Africare has come from community involvement - working with communities in Africa to design and deliver programs. Integrated development programs that focus on capacity building and assisting indigenous efforts has been very successful, according to Dr. Coles. Having 93% of the budget spent on programs has also helped.
Dr. Julius Coles Africare
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Africare is the largest African-American aid organization focused on Africa. The organization was based on the principles of the Peace Corps.

Dr. Coles presented the challenges in development aid in Africa by sharing statistics:

  • 70% of all AIDS deaths occur in Africa - resulting in 7,000 deaths a day
  • AIDS has resulted in over 12 Million orphaned children in Africa
  • 90% of all Malaria deaths occur in Africa - 1 child dies every 30 seconds in Africa
Despite the increase in funding over the years, Africare has more demand than they can fulfill.  

Dr. Coles described the need for strong financial management for non-profit organization and how accounting and audit have improved in Africare. Many donor organizations have zero tolerance for any financial irregularities. Africare has managed to achieve very good ratings from third party organizations for accountability.

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