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Thursday, February 19, 2009

ICGFM is seeking a Managing Director

ICGFM is looking for a highly qualified Managing Director to build on the progress to date and to facilitate the ongoing successful execution of the mission through ICGFM’s network of volunteer officers and board members.

The Managing Director is the leading professional staff position at the ICGFM. The Managing Director plays a key role in orchestrating the Consortium’s efforts to promote professional development and the vibrant, global exchange of practical information. The Managing Director serves as the central coordinating officer to ensure the effective functioning of the ICGFM Executive Committee, comprised of elected officers who serve on a voluntary basis, and the ICGFM Board of Directors, who also serve on a volunteer basis to support the ICGFM’s mission. The Managing Director is responsible for managing the operations of the organization, and supervising paid staff and support contracts.

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