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Thursday, March 5, 2009

An In-Depth Look at PFM Reform in Vietnam

DC Forum

An In-Depth Look at PFM Reform in Vietnam

The April 1 DC Forum to be held at the Carnegie Endowment focuses on the exciting public financial management reforms in Vietnam.

Regarded as one of the most determined reformers in Asia, Vietnam has transitioned from a war-torn centrally planned economy to one of the most vibrant and fastest growing economies in the world. This session will present the results of two in-depth and in-country studies of reform in Vietnam; one sponsored by the United Nations Development Program, and the other by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs of Princeton University. The first looks at PFM reform, and concludes that considerable progress has been made in PFM and related reform components, but that consolidation and further improvement needs to occur. The second argues that adopting elements of a position-based civil service is key to PFM and related reforms, since Government must be capable of attracting and retaining skills in macroeconomic forecasting, accounting, auditing, treasury management, and ICT needed to implement such reforms.

The presentation will be led by Dr. Clay Wescott, Director of the Asia-Pacific Governance Institute, and Visiting Lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School. He has invited graduate students who worked on the civil service part of the research to present their findings. Dr. Westcott has held senior positions with the Asian Development Bank, UNDP, Development Alternatives Inc., Price Waterhouse and the Harvard Institute for International Development. Dr. Wescott has degrees in Government from Harvard College (A.B., 1968, Magna cum Laude), and Boston University (PhD, 1980). Dr. Wescott has invited Saskia P. Bruynooghe and Trina Alejandra Q. Firmalo to join him. They are second year MPA students at the Wilson School, who conducted the research on strengthening the civil service in Vietnam.

This in-depth view of reform in one of the most significant developing countries in Asia will undoubtedly be a fascinating insight into issues that face countries around the developing world.

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