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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Call for Papers: International Journal of Critical Accounting

International Journal of Critical Accounting
Professors Aida Sy and Tony Tinker
Call for Papers
Special Issue on African Accounting Studies

Special Guest Editor: Dr. Charles Elad

Critical research is a tradition of scholarship that depends on openness to fresh perspectives and experiences for continuous re-invigoration. This special issue invites contributions inspired by African historicity, culture, and erudition. Contributors are invited to interpret this call for papers broadly, to draw on the diversity of their own historical and contemporary experiences in order to present their own unique formulation of “critical”.

Submissions are invited addressing all African accounting fields: Corporate Governance, Accounting history, tumultuous events in the eras of Inflation and Markets, Law/Regulations/Ethics, Globalization, Climate Change, Gender/Behavioral Research, Public Interest, Taxation, Auditing, Fraud, Corruption, Sub-prime Crisis, Impact of World Bank/IMF structural adjustment programmes, International Financial Reporting Standards, Role of Big Corporation in Africa, etc.

The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is May 31 2009. Electronic copies of submissions should be in Microsoft Word format, including name, address, email, telephone and fax numbers of all authors (designating the corresponding author), and should be sent to all of the following:
  • Dr. Charles Elad: c.elad@westminster.ac.uk
  • Professor Aida Sy: aida.sy@manhattan.edu
  • Professor Tony Tinker: tony.tinker@baruch.cuny.edu

Dr. Charles Elad
Reader in Accounting & Finance
Westminster Business School
University of Westminster
35 Marylebone Road
London, NW1 5LS
Tel: +44 (0) 207 911 500, Fax: +44 (0) 207 911 5839

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