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Thursday, May 21, 2009

PEFA Assessment Workshops

Frans Ronsholt, Head of the PEFA Secretariat and Franck Bessette, PFM Expert at the PEFA Secretariat lead ICGFM delegates in a workshop about Public Financial Management performance assessments. A case study was introduced.

The Secretariat provides training material and a comprehensive performance measurement framework document on the PEFA web site.

Mr. Ronsholt provided an overview of the PEFA framework, the reasons behind it and what it can accomplish. He suggested that PEFA assessments do not identify root causes of poor assessments nor does it evaluate policy. Mr Ronsholt says the trend to self assessment is a good sign, but that 3rd party scrutiny is very helpful.

PEFA Case Study on Tracking Performance Progress over Time

ICGFM, PEFA, Public Expenditure Financial Accountability. Frank Besette, Frans Ronsholt

Taller sobre la aplicación del Marco de Referencia para la Medición del Desempeño en Materia de GFP

Estudio de caso PEFA- Seguimiento del desempeño a lo largo del tiempo

Atelier sur l’utilisation du Cadre de mesure de la performance de la gestion des finances publiques

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