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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Impressions of ICGFM Spring Conference

by Jim Ebbitt, President, ICGFM

I recently returned from ICGFM's 24th annual conference in Miami, where we had about 200 participants from about 40 different countries from around the globe. I came away with a real sense that I had just been involved in a great conference. We had excellent speakers and subjects and great interaction from conference participants. I talked with many participants during the conference and heard many good comments and positive feedback about the conference. One of the many things we talked about in Miami was how to stay involved and informed about ICGFM and financial management issues in general and we concluded that the ICGFM blog was a great way to participate, be informed and add your voice to the discussion. I admit I am a "new blogger"; this is my first post, and I promise others. But I wanted to take just a minute now and thank all who participated in Miami. It was a great conference!

BTW: I am not entirely hidden among the Uganda delegation

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