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Friday, May 22, 2015

The International Journal on Governmental Financial Management

Public financial reform appears to be entering a new practical-oriented phase especially in the public sector accounting and budgeting field. While accounting and budgeting scholars have exerted great efforts in the last three decades aiming at reforming and developing public sector accounting and budgeting, these efforts are still of little value to the public sector accounting and budgeting practice. Therefore, the aim of the new phase is to foster communication between the accounting researchers and practitioners, which in turn leads to improving the accounting and budgeting practices and facilitates the work of practitioners. This issue of the Journal takes the initiative of dealing with articles that enhance and improve the accounting and budgeting practice.
-Prof. Dr. Hassan Ourda, Editor

If you would like to participate in such discussions, please start thinking about contributions for the next issue of this Journal, participating in the ICGFM blog, and/or attending future ICGFM events.  (See submission details in the journal.)

All previous volumes of the Journal may be found here.

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