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Thursday, May 15, 2008

ICGFM Spring Conference Begins Monday May 19th

Over 400 public financial management professionals are registered from over 40 countries for the 22nd ICGFM Conference in Miami Florida. The theme for the 22nd ICGFM conference is: Joining Forces for Responsible Leadership to Enhance Good Governance: Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and the Press.

This highly interactive conference asks: “who needs to be involved to get good governance and how do you go about getting their attention?” International renowned speakers and subject include:

  • Tony Hegarty – Public expenditure and financial accountability
  • Aaaron Lobel - The role of Media in Emerging Democracies
  • Richard Thornburgh – Current issues in accountability and integrity for global organizations
  • Genaro Matute – Improving auditing and accountability in Peru
  • Mark Funkhouser – Comparative performance auditing

Key themes for the conference include:
  • New programs and approaches to achieving accountability
  • Effective teamwork across and among the sectors
  • International lessons learned and proven best practices
  • Promoting good governance and transparency
  • Combating fraud and tackling corruption
  • Enabling accountability in times of crisis
  • Sustainable development and government capacity building
ICGFM is a non profit organization specializing in knowledge sharing about public financial management. Presentations from previous conferences are available at http://www.icgfm.org/reports.htm. Presentations from this year will also be available. Additional notes, comments and suggestions will appear next week on this ICGFM blog.

More information about the conference is avvailable at: http://www.icgfm.org

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