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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Public Fund Digest Volume VIII Now Available

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ICGFM showcases good practices in government financial management from around the world in the 2008 edition of the Public Fund Digest, available at: http://www.icgfm.org/documents/JournalFinalVIIINo1_000.pdf

Public Fund Digest volume VIII includes:

* Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Diagnostic Tools for Comparing Country Standards to International Standards by PK Subramanian
* Public Expenditure Management - Peer-Assisted Learning (PEMPAL) Initiative in Europe and Central Asia by Nikola Vukicevic and Rich Bartholomew
* Measuring and Improving the Quality of Supreme Audit Institutions of Developing Countries – Likely Challenges by Ayodeji Ogunyemi
* Contingency Factors Affecting the Adoption of Accrual Accounting in Malagasy Municipalities by Rakoto Harimino Oliorilanto
* Cameral Accounting as an Alternative to Accrual Accounting By Norvald Monsen
* The Constitutional Fight Against Corruption in Nigeria Is It Enough? by Kabiru Isa Dandago
* An Assessment of Nigeria’s Pension Reform Act 2004 By Femi Aborisade
* Bureaucracy and Accountability The Case of Bangladesh by Awal Hossain Mollah

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