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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ICGFM Spring Conference Useful and Interesting Presentations

The survey from the 23rd Annual ICGFM Conference in Miami identified the most useful and interesting sessions. All sessions were rated as useful and interesting by participants. The sessions that were selected as the most useful and interesting were:

Main Conference (Monday to Wednesday)
  1. Factors the Led to the Global Financial Crisis: David M Walker
  2. Budgeting in Times of Crisis: Kevin Page
  3. How the Financial Crisis Effects Public Private Partnerships: Filip Drapak and Andy Wynne
Workshops (Thursday and Friday)
  1. PEFA Workshops: Frans Ronsholt and Franck Bessette
  2. Public Procurement Reform: Pamela Bigart
  3. Finance and Technology for More Effective Systems, A CFO's Perspective: Christine Walker

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