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Thursday, November 26, 2009

ICGFM/Grant Thornton Survey Finds Human Capital Greatest Obstacle for Public Financial Reforms

Greater Government Transparency Leading Driver for Public Financial Reforms

During summer 2009, 65 public sector officials from 35 countries representing Africa, East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, and North America participated in the 2009 Survey on Global Financial Management Leaders sponsored by the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM). The survey explored the reasons why countries engage in public financial management reform initiatives, the obstacles they face, the support required for successful implementation, the role of financial management leaders, the costs and benefits of transparency, dealing with global economic uncertainty and preventing future economic crises.

PFM reform challenges were identified through in-depth interviews by Grant Thornton partners and staff. The survey examined leadership, transparency and capacity issues while dealing with global uncertainty. Increasing government transparency and the involvement and participation of citizens was the leading reason cited for reform. Training,exchange, knowledge and skills development were identified as the major required for technical assistance.
2010 Grant Thornton ICGFM Progress in Public Financial Management Reform

2010 Grant Thornton ICGFM Avancées réalisées dans la réforme de la gestion des finances publiques

ICGFM Survey of Government Finance Managers, Spanish
ICGFM Survey of Government Finance Managers, Arabic

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