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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Private Public Partnership Survey at ICGFM Conference

Conference attendees were surveyed about PPPs. The results show that many PPP projects have not been successful. The lack of policy and guidelines is the most frequently sited reason for failures in PPPs.

Has your country used Public Private Partnerships to find sustainable funding for infrastructure investments:
  • Yes 43%
  • No 53%
  • Do not know, does not apply: 3%
If you answered yes to the previous question, have PPPs been successful?
  • Yes 39%
  • No 26%
  • Do not know, does not apply: 35%
If you answered no to the previous question, why were PPPs not successful?
  • Lack of policy and guidance 45%
  • Lack of PPP unit to provide guidance 20%
  • Lack of government guarantees 15%
  • Lack of interest from investors and operators 15%
  • Political circumstances 5%

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