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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surveys at ICGFM shows some important trends in Public Financial Management (PFM) in the era of the "New Normal". Countries represented at the ICGFM conference see infrastructure investment is critical for economic expansion with education being the most important initiative. Countries are also encouraging external investment with transparency being the most important initiative to draw investment.

Does your country needs substantial investment in infrastructure to support economic expansion?
  • Yes: 95%
  • No: 0%

Which areas of infrastructure present the most critical need?
  • Education 38%
  • Transport 23%
  • Renewables and Energy 13%
  • Healthcare 10%
  • Housing + Urban regeneration 8%
  • Information Technology 5%
Is your country focused on increasing outside investment in your economy?
  • Yes 70%
  • No 25%
  • Does not apply 5%
If you answered yes to the last question, what are the primary areas of focus to increase investment?
  • Greater transparency to build investor confidence 36%
  • Improve necessary infrastructure 26%
  • Tax incentives 18%
  • Currency reforms 8%
  • Improved legal system 5%

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