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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Call for Speakers/Panels/Papers

2009 ICGFM Winter Conference, December 2 4, 2009

Washington D.C., USA

Conference Theme: Performance. Results. Outcomes. Understanding Impact in Managing Public Finance

The movement to a greater focus on impact of spending has been underway for several years but is even more important during the global financial and economic crisis. Some countries are dramatically increasing budgets for stimulus and others are facing severe reductions due to depressed revenues. In both cases, information on the impact of a change in spending can result in better allocation of resources.

ICGFM is pleased to invite all country representatives and PFM practitioners to submit their presentation proposals for the 2009 ICGFM Winter Conference. The program committee is looking for country studies and other topics that will highlight the effective management of public funds for a positive impact on the lives of citizens. We are particularly interested in case studies from your country or the experience of several countries.

  • Do you have innovative ideas about performance management?
  • Have your performance reforms produced unanticipated outcomes?
  • Have your performance measures affected allocation of increased or decreased spending?
  • Can others learn from your experiences?

If so, we’re looking for you!

Deadline for submitting proposals: Monday, August 31st, 2009.


Please follow these instructions to ensure your proposal is expeditiously reviewed. Those that do not conform to these instructions will not be reviewed.

All submissions should be no more than 1-3 pages and must be translated into English. The submission should include the following information.

· Title of session

· Type of session: Panel__ Presenter ___

· Name, Title, Affiliation, languages spoken, address, email, and phone number of the Session Organizer

· Name, Title, Affiliation, languages spoken and Contact information of up to four (4) potential panellists, if applicable

· Overview that includes

o Objectives of the session

o Background of the topic

o Significance to scholarship in or practice of PFM

o synopsis of presentation

· Description of Session Format

· Time/length of each presentation or remarks.

· Type and length of interactive exercises (e.g. Question and Answer, demonstration, etc.)

· Audio-visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint, handouts, video, etc.)

· Any translation requirements

How to submit: proposals@icgfm.org

Method of selection: All submissions will be reviewed by the Program Steering Committee.

Criteria on which proposals are evaluated include: overall quality; interest to the financial management community of scholars; relevance to practice, and the potential to advance knowledge and dialogue in the field.

Selection notifications will be made by September 21st.

Final conference presentations from selected presenters are due on October 30th.

The top proposal presenters will be awarded a stipend toward travel and hotel expenses and given an opportunity to publish their case studies in the ICGFM Journal.

Conference dates and location:

December 2 – 4, 2009

Enrique Iglesias Conference Center

Inter-American Development Bank

1330 New York Avenue

Washington D.C. 20577 USA

Conference description: The ICGFM Winter Conference is an annual gathering of financial management practitioners to discuss the financial reforms and methods available to better serve their citizens. This conference aims to highlight existing good practices in results–oriented performance management of public finances and identify innovation and emerging approaches for country participants in the context of their regions.

Today, citizens, businesses, and civil society demand improved government results. This is even more critical in the current economic environment as governments manage both declining revenues and large stimulus spending.

ICGFM Mission: Working globally with governments, organizations and individuals, the International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management is dedicated to improving financial management so that governments may better serve their citizens.

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